Monday, March 19, 2012

Con Gusto!

On Saturday, Alicia and I asked El Abuelo if he could clean up the folliage covering the top of a wall by the church where we would like to paste a few images. El Abuelo, who is 84, picks up the occasional job around the neighborhood cutting grass and cleaning up yards; making him the perfect candidate to cut a few vines and leaves off of a large tree in the church yard.

He thought he would have time Monday or Tuesday. So Alicia and I didn't mention it immediately to the women of the church. However, around 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon, El Abuelo passed through the living room mumbling about how he found a ladder and helper. Alicia and I were in the middle something and didn't pay him much mind.

A few hours later, El Abuelo come back and asked us to check it out. To our shock/surprise/terror, El Abuelo, his 14 year-old helper and 1 machete had cut down half of the tree in the church yard! Alicia and I were a little nervous to hear what the women of the church would say.

Ana, out host mom and active church member, came home and was a little "asustada" (frightened) but mentioned that story of Abuelo's "landscaping" was already spreading. Thankfully, they are quick to laugh and forgive.

But I mean really, he was so proud:

It was just a reminder that the people here are very supportive, and VERY enthusiastic.

Or as the new saying goes, "A little gusto goes a long way."

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