Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 5

Today was totally surreal! I don't think either of us would have ever imagined this could even happen.  But after a meeting with the Mayor and getting his approval of the project.  We basically had free reign of the main road in El Progreso's center.  And not only that but the help of the amazing Firefighters Wilmer and Mairena, both of which have served in Progreso 30 years combined.  With their help we were able to hit all the higher walls which was exciting because we saved most of our larger prints for the center.  We also took Day 3 and 4 to plan how and where we were going to post our images along with take some time to think about how we can elaborate creatively and create some fun details with cut outs, spray piant, and decorative attachments.

We were also joined by Ivo Oliveira, who was perfect to have around when we had to do some serious problem solving with some of the larger or more delicate pastes.  There were a couple points where things just seemed like we weren't sure if we were going to be able to get a certain print up because it was ripping in the wind and wet with wheatpaste already and we were all just tired from working in the scorching sun all day, but together we pushed through.  What I realized is the patience needed for the larger pieces.  They take so much longer then you would expect and they are never easy to line up unless you are calm and take your time- no room for panicking even when it is ripping. But I think we did a good job switching off and everyone took the wheel at some point that day and was supported by the rest.

It was such a different experience from the days prior.  There would be a crowd around us as we are trying so desperately to get this 12ft. peice to line up with all it's parts or to get that lacey frame up around the photo of Doña Elvira.  But we got everything done that we wanted to... and we still have 10 more to go for tomorrow.

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